Mangiamo Gelato Caffe's Flavors - Made Fresh Daily!

Almond Joy – Coconut Gelato with Almonds and Chocolate Flakes.
Amarena Cherry – Italian Candied Cherries swirled throughout a light cherry vanilla Gelato.
Amaretto – The flavor of the famous liquor with almonds and hazelnuts.
Bacio - The Italian kiss, a blend of rich cream chocolate and hazelnuts.
Bailey’s – Made with real Bailey’s.
Banana Chocolate Chip – Fresh Banana Gelato with flakes of chocolate.
Beach Fire – Chocolate Gelato with ribbons of marshmallow cream and graham crackers.
Bubblegum – Everyone’s favorite with real pieces of bubblegum.
Caffe Cappuccino – A rich Italian espresso blended with creamy Gelato.
Chocolate – Original Italian Chocolate.
Chocolate Peanut Butter – our chocolate classic and fresh peanut butter with peanut butter cups blended in.
Cinnamon- Ground cinnamon blended with vanilla Gelato.
Cinnamon Red Hot – my favorite candy with pieces in the mix!
Coconut – Rich and creamy Gelato made with real coconut.
Double Chocolate Chip – Rich Chocolate Gelato swirled with ribbons of chocolate.
Dulce de Leche – Caramel flavor with a toffee swirl throughout.
Eggnog – Worth waiting for the hollidays.
Giandiua – Creamy hazelnut blended in a high quality chocolate base.
Gingersnap – Gelato made with cinnamon and ginger pieces of gingersnaps.
Hazelnut – The intense flavor of hazelnuts that takes you back to Italy.
Mandorla – Fresh almond flavor with a roasted almond swirl.
Marron – A Northern Italian specialty with Italian Hazelnuts throughout.
Mint Chocolate Chip – Soft mint Gelato with crunch pieces of dark chocolate.
Mocha – Your favorite morning drink, chocolate, vanilla and roasted Italian coffee.
Nutella Swirl – No bread needed to enjoy your favorite spread of chocolate and hazelnuts.
Oreo – America’s favorite cookie and milk.
Pannacotta – The typical Italian dessert from Piedmont a rich sweet cream.
Peanut Butter Chip – Rich peanut butter Gelato filled with chips of dark chocolate.
Pistachio – Made with 100% Sicilian pistachios.
Pumpkin Pie – An American Classic Pie already a la mode.
Rum Raisin – Italian Malaga Gelato with raisins.
S’mores – Marshmallow Gelato blended with graham crackers and flakes of chocolate.
Stracciatella – Our rich vanilla Gelato with flakes of chocolate throughout.
Strawberry Gelato – Fresh strawberries blended in an authentic Italian Gelato.
Strawberries and Cream – A milk base Gelato swirled with fresh strawberries.
Sweet Potato – Perfect for any Thanksgiving Dinner.
Tiramisu – the Venetian desert with a taste of Marsala wine, coffee and chocolate.
Vanilla – The classic Italian Dessert.
Bourbon Vanilla Bean – Vanilla with a kick.

Blackberry – Fresh picked blackberry offered when in season.
Lemon Sorbetto – Tangy taste of lemon in a creamy sorbetto.
Mango Sorbetto – Tropical flavor of Mango fills this rich tasting sorbetto.
Margarita Sorbetto – Enjoy the south of the border taste of a classic margarita.
Melon Sorbetto – Sweet tastes of fresh picked melons.
Mixed Berry Sorbetto – Raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and blackberry blended together.
Mojito Sorbetto – Enjoy the taste of mint and lime in a perfect blend.
Orange Sorbetto – Fresh oranges picked right off the vine taste fills this sorbetto.
Peach Sorbetto – In season, the freshest and sweetest peach flavor you will ever taste.
Pear Sorbetto – The classic Italian flavor reaches the states.
Strawberry Sorbetto – Fresh strawberries in season blended into a rich and creamy delight.
Tropical Fruit Sorbetto – Mango, Coconut and Pineapple join together to form this sorbetto.
Watermelon Sorbetto – Fresh watermelon sliced to perfection.

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