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After working tirelessly for months, Mangiamo Gelato Caffe is NOW OPEN! Stop by any day of the week between 8am and 8pm to see for yourself why our gelato is so much tastier than ice cream.

In Italian, gelato means “frozen.”  But in terms of the tasty treat that is taking the world by storm, gelato is a frozen dessert made with natural ingredients such as milk, water, fruit and sugar.  It is similar to ice cream, but a healthier alternative because it has less milk fat and no cream, making it lower in fat and calories.  You won’t believe it when you taste the rich flavor and a creamy texture, but, “no… it’s true!”

There are two differences that distinguish Italian gelato from American ice cream.  They are the fat content and the air.  The first is that gelato is made from milk, not cream, as opposed to American ice cream which contains a mixture of 50% milk to 50% cream.  The second is that American ice cream is filled with up to 60% air.  Ever wonder why the ice cream in your freezer shrinks after it melts on the way home from the store and then refreezes in the freezer?  Well, the air content in gelato is only 30%, giving it a richer and denser flavor.  You eat less, but get more.  Overall, these differences give Mangiano Gelato a creamy, smooth texture which is rich in flavor.  Bottom line is that gelato tastes better and is a healthy alternative to American ice cream.

Magiamo Gelato is made fresh daily, right in the store, giving customers the finest Italian gelato possible.  Our recipes are filled with the finest and freshest ingredients combined with Mangiamo’s secret recipes and a passion to serve only the best gelato. In addition, owners Bob and Tanya strive to provides their customers with an authentic Italian experience. At Mangiamo Gelato Caffe, we view our customers as a part of our family and strive to create a personal and genuine relationship with each of them. Come taste our gelato and you will see for yourself that Mangiamo Gelato Caffe is in a class by itself.

Our dairy free gelato, for now, is our sorbetto.  It is fat-free, cholesterol free because it’s made with a water base instead of a milk base. Eventually we plan to develop recipes that are made from Almond Milk, Soy Milk and Rice Milk.

Sorbetto is an American term for an even healthier version of gelato because it is made with water instead of milk, making it fat-free and dairy-free with a fruit-based flavor.  In Italy, whether it is made with water or milk, it is still referred to as gelato.

Mangiamo Gelato is made fresh every day, right in the store.  Our motto, “MADE FRESH DAILY IN HUNTINGTON BEACH” is what sets Mangiano Gelato apart from the rest.  Stop by any morning and talk to Chef Roberto as he brings pan after pan out to the display cases.

Of course, come into the store and sample away!  You’ll find 32+ flavors to choose from, so don’t just pick one flavor – learn to match flavors to create your own favorites. Caffe Espresso, Double Chocolate and Panna Cotta is one blend of flavors we often recommend!

Yes, depending on the size you buy you can get up to five flavors in a cup or cone. Piccolo – up to three flavors, Medio – up to four flavors, or Grande – up to five flavors.

The History of Gelato dates back to the 16th century. There is some confusion in the origin as to where or who really invented gelato. As most stories go, it is credited to Bernardo Buontalenti, a native of Florence, who delighted the court of Catherina dei Medici with his creation. Italians are certainly credited with introducing gelato to the rest of Europe; with Sicilian born Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli who undoubtedly was one of the most influential individuals in the history of gelato, as one of the first to sell it to the public.

Summoned to Paris in 1686, he opened a café named after himself called "Café Procope", which quickly became one of the most celebrated haunts of the literary establishment in France. In Italy meanwhile, the art of traditional gelato making was passed on from father to son, improved and perfected right up to the 20th century, when many gelato makers began to emigrate, taking their know-how to the rest of Europe..

This gelato is good! Questo gelato e’ buono!
This gelato is very good! Questo gelato e’ molto buono!
This gelato is the best in the world! Questo gelato e’ il migliore del mondo!
I love gelato! Mi piace il gelato!
I must tell my friends! Devo dire ai miei amici!
I will be back tomorrow! Tornero domani!
I will have my usual. Mi dia il mio solito.
Gelato, where have you been all my life? Gelato, dove sei stato tutta la mia vita?
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