About Mangiamo Gelato Caffe

[Image: Bob Hoxsie, Owner / Gelato Chef]For years, owner Bob Hoxsie wanted to open a restaurant.  After 30+ years of working in construction, tired of driving to LA, it was time for a change.  Convincing his wife, Tanya, was a different story.  “Most restaurants fail!” was her response every time the subject came up.  Finally, Bob tried a different approach...

Bob started talking about his Italian heritage.  He talked about his family still living in northern Italy.  He reminded Tanya, often, about their vacations in Italy and how much they both loved the country, the culture, the gelato!  After months of research he showed Tanya a web site describing a Gelato franchise.  A few days later, another Gelato franchise, then another and another… 

Eventually, she started listening and then one day, they visited a small gelato franchise store and tasted their gelato.  It was amazing!  You see, most gelato in the states isn’t very good.  It’s made in a warehouse, frozen and shipped to the store.  The gelato they tasted that day was made fresh, right in the store and that was the selling point.  If you’re going to take the risk to change your career, invest your retirement, work 7 days a week – it better be for something good!

In the beginning, Bob and Tanya began researching, learning, developing, creating and living gelato.  Today they have created nearly 250 of their own gelato recipes.  Their stores are designed out of their love for their product and Italy.  The picture that has become their logo was taken during one of their vacations in Italy in a small town called Camogli.  Bob took the picture; Tanya made it into their logo.

Their first store opened in 2009 at 122 Main Street in Huntington Beach, on the first block of Main Street near the pier. Today Mangiamo has three locations, sells their gelato to Whole Foods Markets, hotels, restaurants, and spends many late nights catering weddings, parties and corporate events.  If you’re looking for a treat you can find store number two in Fountain Valley at 9430 Warner Avenue at Bushard Street.  Store number three is in Costa Mesa at 650 Anton Boulevard across from South Coast Plaza.  Or stop by a Whole Foods Market in Huntington Beach – Bella Terra, Long Beach, Newport Beach – Fashion Island, Laguna Niguel, Westwood or Beverly Hills.

Well, Mangiamo isn’t a restaurant (and Bob still plans to open one someday) but it’s close enough for now.  Come by the store and say hi to Chef Roberto.  He’s typically the guy making the gelato every morning so, yes, the signs in the store, on the back of the t-shirt and on the window are accurate: “GELATO MADE FRESH DAILY!”

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